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Updated CRYSTALYX line up

In an effort to ensure your cattle are getting the very best nutrition available, we have made some changes to the CRYSTALYX® LineUp. You may have already heard about them from your CRYSTALYX® representative or dealer, but a refresher is always welcome.

Bio-Mos® and Actigen®

You are already familiar with the benefits of Bio-Mos®which promotes good bacteria in the gut and builds defenses. Actigen® provides the same benefits with a lower inclusion rate. This means we can add less in the formula and deliver the same benefits. This lower inclusion rate gives us the flexibility to add it to lower intake products, particularly Breed-Up® MAX. All products in the Breed-Up® Line have a Bio-Mos® or Actigen® option.

Premium LineUp


The Breed-Up® line continues to provide producers with the results they are after when it comes to brood cow and bull performance. Higher levels of trace minerals, and the addition of selenium yeast provide cattle with the nutrition they need to overcome the stresses associated with calving, breeding and weaning. As we strive to continually meet producers’ needs for high performance products, we have two additions to the Premium line, Breed-Up® Omega and Battalion®.


The updated Breed-Up® Omega replaces Omega-Lyx®. This new product combines the high inclusion of flax seed and fat level with the elevated trace mineral and vitamin fortification of the Breed-Up® line. Breed-Up® Omega is ideal for breeding cows and bulls as well as show animals, which experience higher stress levels from transportation and handling.

Battalion® is a new product for stressed and receiving cattle. Battalion® combines what you love about Brigade® and takes it up a notch with the addition of Actigen® and chromium. Battalion® is a great product to use in a natural beef program or in an antibiotic free program.  The additives in Battalion® have been specifically chosen to target the stressed calf.  The additional fortification and compliment of additives have also been shown to help improve timely breed back in breeding cattle.

Other Changes

In addition to making changes and improvements to our beef products, we’ve updated our small ruminant products too. Sheep-Lyx® and Goat-Lyx® are now formulated to provide 100% NRC recommended levels of trace minerals at a 4 ounce intake. We have also added Bio-Plex® trace mineral fortification, selenium yeast and Bio-Mos® to provide your sheep and goats with optimum nutrition in a convenient form.

We believe in providing the best for your livestock. CRYSTALYX® gives you a wide variety of product options that fit into any operation at any budget; in addition to a knowledgeable nutrition team, with over 60 years combined experience, who can guide you toward the right product. For additional information on these changes or any CRYSTALYX® product, please visit our website, CRYSTALYX®.com, call us at 800-727-2505, or contact your local CRYSTALYX® dealer.

Bio-Mos®, Actigen®, and Bio-Plex® are registered trademarks of Alltech.