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Heifer replacement rate

What is the replacement rate in your beef herd?  I think we all know that a lower replacement rate will be more cost effective than a higher one, as we all know raising or buying replacement heifers is a major cost in maintaining a cow herd.  If you can keep more of your cows in your herd longer, your replacement rate will be lower.  But what is the cost advantage to lowering the replacement rate, and how do we accomplish this? 

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Stay cool when the heat is on at the fair

My weekly chat with my mom reminded me that it’s county fair time in the northern parts of the US. While we’re lucky to not have the oppressive heat and humidity that some of the southern states have, it can and does get hot and humid. I recall a few show days from my 4-H years that were extra hot and a break in the shade with a wet towel was in order. This week, I thought I would share some thoughts on keeping everyone safe while at the fair.

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Summer reminders for the cow herd

Here is a quick list of reminders for management areas that can easily be overlooked or delayed to a point where you might experience reductions in calf gain, delayed breeding, or potentially open cows, all resulting in lost income opportunities.

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