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My hay is too expensive: How can I afford supplement?

I often hear cattlemen say, “With the cost of hay so high, I cannot afford to also buy a supplement.” If a supplement makes sense in your operation with lower priced forage, it only makes more “cents” with higher priced forage.

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Fall: An excellent time to put weight on your cows

Fall can be a very busy time of the year for Cattlemen.Weaning, harvesting and attending to children and grandchildren in school activities are just a few of the opportunities that take up our time as we prepare for Winter.For those of you with spring calving herds, Fall also offers an additional opportunity to put weight on cows – cheaply. 

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Does your supplement multi-task?

In one of his recent blogs, Dan Colling explained the “large” benefit that you can get from a “small” amount of protein supplement on dry or mature pastures.

This week I’d like to talk about another benefit of self-fed protein supplements. While this benefit of CRYSTALYX® does impact the nutritional status of your herd, it is primarily a behavioral modification of your cattle.

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Summer vs. fall grazing supplements

Most cattlemen realize the advantages of using a mineral supplement for grazing cattle in the summer. Most cattlemen are also aware that, in the fall, a protein supplement will greatly improve the utilization of mature grass.

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What a difference 21 days makes

Most all cattlemen easily understand the direct impact conception rate has on their bottom line. Another measure that can directly affect ranch profitability is calving distribution. While pregnancy checking may give us a good indication of what our conception rate is (number of cows pregnant divided by the number of cows exposed), we will likely need to wait until calving to get a better feel for our calving distribution. 

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