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Challenges of grazing cornstalks in mid-winter: Don't let cows go backwards

We CRYSTALYX® Bloggers have written several articles about cattle grazing cornstalks and other crop residues.  In Nebraska, I often refer to cornstalk residue as our “winter pasture”.   In most years, this is a very abundant and relatively inexpensive feed resource and of decent quality.  Much information has been written and studied by university extension services in a multitude of states about the effects of cornstalk grazing on cow performance, subsequent grain yield, the need (or not) of protein supplementation etc.

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We don't make your cow herd... we make your cow herd better

Remember that old advertisement that stated, “We don’t make a lot of the products you buy,… We make a lot of the products you buy, better?” It was actually trademarked for a time, by BASF Corporation.  I have always thought that it applied very well to how CRYSTALYX® works.  I might change it just a little, to state that, “We don’t make a lot of your assets,… We make a lot of your assets, better.”  

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Zinc and vaccines

Vaccines are an important part of the annual ‘to do’ list of any livestock operation. However, with the ever increasing list of cattle vaccines available, the cost to vaccinate can range from $3/hd up to $9/hd, not including labor. When you consider how much of an investment vaccines are, can you take the chance that they won’t be effective?

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How new technologies may better explain what we do and don’t know

About Improving Nutritional Efficiencies of the Beef Cow Herd

I started this Block Blog with the intention of explaining how rumen forge digestion is improved by feeding a CRYSTALYX® Self Fed Low Moisture Block supplement but the topic changed to looking at how technological changes will impact our industry.  Ridley Block Operations, manufacturer of CRYSTALYX® Brand Supplements, has and will continue to have, a focus on research and developing products and programs that increase profitability of livestock producers.

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