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CRYSTALYX Blueprint: Two years of great success

Those of you that read our blogs, attended a CRYSTALYX® meeting or visited us at an industry event, have likely noticed that our main theme the past couple years has been Blueprint®. To be more definitive, Blueprint is not a specific product nor even a product line; it’s more of a nutritional philosophy offered through many products and product lines in our company’s overall nutritional offering.

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A new formulation for CRYSTALYX Iono-lyx

A little less than 16 years ago, CRYSTALYX introduced the first and only low-moisture block that contained an ionophore, in the form of BOVATEC®. This was the result of several years of working with the Center for Veterinary Medicine at the Food and Drug Administration (CVM-FDA). The exact claim on the label reads:

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3 reasons why CRYSTALYX is the easy choice during the colder seasons

As the winter months are quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about your supplementation program to carry your livestock through the colder seasons. Here are 3 reasons why CRYSTALYX® should be used as your supplementation program this fall and through the winter months.

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